Electrifying Indonesia Through Shalawat – A Biography of Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf

As one of Islam preachers in Indonesia, Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf is famously familiar in Indonesian Moslem people, especially for who loves Shalawat Nabi (Blessing on The Prophet). Even he isn’t widely recognizable in Indonesia, but Habib Syech was known famously among prayers congregation and especially in Maulid Nabi Muhammad (PBUH) agenda.

His fame is also may, that Allah SWT has given him a melodious voice, for preaching his love to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In addition, he also create their own qashidah song which acceptable in public ears in tones and rythms, whether people are familiar whether they was fond of Sholawat, or common people. With this melodious voice, Habib Syech managed to attract young people so they like qashidah with poetry that comes entirely from the book Simthud Durar. Thousands and even millions of young join the events of Shalawat which are recommended.  Actually qashidah poems that brought him praise poetry is not quitely new, but Habib Syech was successfully packing the  traditional mawlid recitation rhythm becomes more beautiful and seductive ears that hear.

About Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf


HABIB_SYECH (Photo credit: abi hasan)

Born at September 20, 1961 from an Islamic Scholar in Solo, Alm. Al-Habib Abdul Qodir bin Abdurrahman Assegaf (he is an Imam of Masjid Jami’ Assegaf [Assegaf General Mosque] and a public figure in Pasar Kliwon, Solo, Indonesia) and has 15 brothers and sisters.  At first, through his own father, Habib Syech studied Islam and its disciplines.

This education continued with his uncle, Al-Habib Ahmad bin Abdurrahman Assegaf, whom returned from Hadhramaut, Yaman. Habib Syech also studied the disciplines of Islam from some Islamic Scholars, like Al-Imam Al-‘Arif Billah, Al-Habib Muhammad Anis bin Alwiy Al-Habsyi (Imam of Riyadh Mosque and the keeper of Al-Habsyi’s graveyard at Gurawan, Solo). Based on his studies, advices and instructions through his teachers, and also with his patience while studying, Habib Syech was involved to always doing and spreading Shalawat Nabi along his life.

Everything begins from the small things

Before he goes to be an Sholawat preacher until now, his life journey was fully complicated. Habib Syech began his duties as a preacher on a mandate from his teacher, the late Al-Habib Muhammad Anis bin Alwiy Al-Habsyi, the Imam of Riyadh Mosque at Gurawan Solo. At that Habib Syech preaching using the windtrains to many remote villages and towns.

Although it was Habib Shaikh Abdul Qadir bin Asseggaf received taunts and insults from people who do not like the job and take it as a person who does not have a job and a fake “habib”. But as told by several sources, Habib Syech was never angry or vengeful to those who mocked him. On the contrary, he kept smiling and giving something to them.

“Everything was great, starting with small things,” said Habib Syech.

The first remote part he visited at first was Bacin. On that time, the prayer congregation wasn’t Ahbaabul Musthofa, it only like another congregations. But when the intensity of  their activity goes more diligently, so he was involved to create a gathering of people who loves the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which known nowadays as Ahbaabul Musthofa.

Ya nabi salam ‘alaika, ya rasul salam ‘alaika, ya habib salam ‘alaika, shalawatullah ‘alaika.


  • Nama : Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf
  • Place/Date of Birth: Solo, 20th of September 1961
  • Address : Jl. Semanggi Kidul, Bengawan Solo No. 12
  • Daily Activities : Preaching
  • Education :
    • 1. SD Ronogoro Surakarta
    • 2. SMP Ronogoro Surakarta
    • 3. SMA Islam Surakarta
  • Occupation :
    • Merchant
    • Shopkeeper
    • Preacher
  • Wife : Sayyidah Binti Hasan Al Habsyi
  • Parents :
    • Father : Abdul Qadir Assegaf
    • Mother : Syarifah Bustan Al Qadiri
  • Childrens :
    • 1. Fatimatah Az-zahro
    • 2. Muh. Al Baqir
    • 3. Umar
    • 4. Abu Bakar
    • 5. Toha
  • Hobby : Doing Shalawat
  • Motto: Being a human being for the benefit of others.

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